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Nourishing and moisturizing mask for smooth and shiny skin

Shea butter, rich in nutrients, forms a moisturizing film and replenishes dry skin with nutrients to make the skin smooth and shiny, and helps to keep it moist for a long time.

It is a vegetable fat made by cold pressing or solvent extraction from the seeds of the Shea tree, a sapotaceae native to West and Central Africa. It is a mild ingredient that can be used on the body and skin because it is absorbed well into the skin and has a light feeling of use.

  • Contains Shea Butter Extract! Smooth skin filled with moisture and nutrition. By supplying abundant moisture to the skin and maintaining its moisturizing power, it helps to keep dry skin moist. Make your skin soft and smooth.
  • Gentle without irritation: Absorbs quickly into the skin for a refreshing finish. It has excellent ability to deliver essence to the skin when it is quickly absorbed, and it provides a refreshing finish by controlling the balance of oil and moisture and supplying sufficient moisture to the skin.
  • Super Adhesive & Highly Moisturizing Mask Pack! Tightly adherent nutrition supply

The mask sheet closely adheres to the curved part of the face and the texture of the refreshing essence formula is absorbed into the skin without stickiness, and it helps to make the skin soft and moist by supplying nutrients to the skin.

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